2005/10/07 Acquired SEIKI CORPORATION, a leading company of Japan in the field of thermoplastic runnerless systems
2005/09/05 Received “ISO 14001 certification (2004)” for environmental management systems
2005/06/24 Released financial results (76th term, March 2005)


2004/10/15 Posted information on ALW-301PBK (low-cost version of MICAR PBK)
2004/06/24 Released financial results (75th term, March 2004)
2004/04/21 Changed the homepage design
2004/01/27 Received “ISO 14001 certification” for environmental management systems


2003/12/19 Renewed diX coating page
2003/07/11 Added equipment/device introductions in diX coating page
2003/07/01 Added page for MICAR (Automatic CD writing system)
2003/07/01 Added page for List Works CD-ROM creating option
2003/04/07 Launched homepage for UNIGLOBE KISCO (New York)
2003/03/31 Announced the intent to attain ISO14001 certification


2002/11/06 Participated in IPF Japan ’02
2002/07/31 Introduced the functional additive “HP-1”
2002/07/29 Launched homepage for dessert containers
2002/06/10 Renewed diX conformal coating page
2002/04/10 Added access map for office/branch locations
2002/02/01 Introduced integrated continuous CD-R writing and label printing system
2002/01/31 Introduced material recycling of used PET bottles through a direct molding method


2001/11/20 Announced details of exhibit/presentation at SEMICON Japan 2001
2001/09/20 Introduced swing pack
2001/06/06 Introduced ESD (Electro-static discharge) total solution
2001/04/27 Participated in Eco-Products
2001/03/07 Participated in PLATEX Osaka 2001
2001/01/26 Launched page introducing CD related products and services


2000/11/13 Participated in SEMICON Japan 2000
2000/08/16 Posted access map to Kishimoto Sangyo Co., Ltd.
2000/03/03 Posted discussion regarding the business scene by senior employees