Modified epoxy resin EpiFine®

EpiFine is an epoxy resin based, blended and modified resin product, and is known as a thermosetting resin. This product is developed to maximize electric, mechanical, adhesiveness and chemical resistance properties.
We offer a wide range of EpiFine products in the forms such as LED encapsulations, One-component blended resins, UV curing adhesive or Two-component blended resins. As one of our strength, we can develop and propose the customized products as following the desired properties such as heat-resistant, UV-resistant, curing temperature (60 to 200 ℃) or hardness (rubber like to solid).

Customer market

Various electronics devices or components (Automotive parts, Optical communication devices, Semiconductors (LED), Display devices, Large-size motors, etc.)

Features and main applications

Two-component Epoxy resin
Light resistance ・High-brightness shell-shaped
Heat resistance
Low stress
Two-component Transparent hybrid resin
High heat resistance ・White SMD LED
・White COB LED
UV resistance
Water permeable resistance (high gas barrier property)
Two-component Transparent Epoxy resin
Frame resistance ・Automotive devices/components
・Power sources
Low heat expansion
One-component Epoxy resin
High heat resistance
(suitable for sealing and adhesion for SMT components)
・Optical pickups
・Pressure control valves
Low gas
(protections of electrical connections, adhesive for optical devices)
Ultraviolet curing resin
1) Epoxy UV curing resin
2) Dual curing by UV and heat
Low shrinkage Optical component
High adhesiveness
Dual cure
Highly functional resin (sealing/adhesive) Thermal conductivity adhesive ・Automotive devices/components
Elastic adhesive

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