Modified epoxy resin EpiFine®

EpiFine is an epoxy resin based, blended and modified resin product, and is known as a thermosetting resin. This product is developed to maximize electric, mechanical, adhesiveness and chemical resistance properties.
We offer a wide range of products such as LED sealing resin, single liquid mixed resin composition, UV light setting adhesive, two-pack type resin composition, to name a few. We also develop and offer customized products according to desired properties like heat resistant, ultraviolet-resistant, curing temperature (ordinary temperature to 200 degree) and hardness (rubber like to hard).

Customer market

General electronics (on-vehicle equipment, light communication apparatus, semiconductor (LED), display devices, large-scale motor, etc.)


Features and main usage
Two-pack type epoxy resin
Light resistant ・High-strength shells LED
Heat resistant
Stress reducing
Two-pack type transparent hybrid resin (LED)
High heat resistant ・White SMD LED
・White COB LED
UV resistant
Water permeable resistant (high gas barrier property)
Two-pack type transparent epoxy resin
Frame resistant ・On-vehicle motor, etc.
Low heat expansion
Single liquid epoxy resin
High heat resistant
(suitable for sealing and adhesive for SMT parts)
・Optical pick up
Low gas
(electrical contact protection/adhesive for optical device)
Ultraviolet setting resin
1) Epoxy ultraviolet curing resin
2) Ultraviolet curing/thermosetting resin
Low shrinkable Optical component
High adhesiveness
Dual setting
Highly functional resin (sealing/adhesive) Thermoconductive adhesive  
Elastic adhesive

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