KISCO provides films used for display, materials of sensor glasses, display devices, supplementary raw materials of displays (such as touch panel materials), other related apparatus and devices.

Customer market

Display industry in general


Global business development
We exchange information closely with our business domestic and overseas partners.
We are proud of our coordination capabilities to process leading edge materials in the best location possible and furthermore, we are able to propose next generation liquid crystal material for displays with original specifications.
Information network
We have local subsidiaries in Korea, Taiwan and China which helps us actively gather technical trends at on-site.

Main products

Liquid crystal and related products:
Liquid crystal, deflecting plate, oriented film, spacer, sealing material
Touch panel and related products:
Sensor glass, ITO glass, various films
Backlight and related products:
Light-guiding plates, metal chassis, barrier films
Display device (LCD, Organic EL), various optical films
Leading edge materials:
Graphene, silver nanomaterial, heat dissipation film, hard coat material, rare metal, organic EL related material
Bonding device, evaluation device, various process device

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3rd Sales Division Display Materials Department
Osaka Distribution Section
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