Silicone has a main structure of Siloxane bond made of silicone and oxygen. When silicone ties up with an organic group, it demonstrates various properties such as heat and cold resistance, weather proofing, electric insulation, chemical stability and water repellency. KISCO developed a unique original injection molding process technology using this high performance silicone. We manufacture high quality silicone rubber products in a clean environment where it is thoroughly quality controlled.

Liquid silicone injection molding

As one of the leading specialists in this field, we propose the best products ideal for medical equipment, food/hygiene goods, electrical equipment and other industrial usage.

What is Liquid silicone injection molding?
A forming method of using high liquidity and low viscosity silicone is to be poured into a metal mold with graduate heat and compression. The metal mold has a high reproducibility and can provide complex shaped products in a consistent manner. It is also effective to prevent contamination of foreign substances since no material kneading steps are involved.
KISCO has a track record of providing materials like silicone lenses for LED usage and various parts for medical equipment.

Manufacturing environment

Clean Room Class 10000
Medical equipment manufacturing permission (general classification)


Heat and cold resistant, ultraviolet resistantDurability in an extreme and severe environment
Permanent compression setStable performance at a vast temperature range between -60 and 250 degrees
High-transparency siliconeManufacturing of LED silicone lenses using high-transparency silicone that has a transmittance over 90%
Bio-compatibleManufacturing of medical equipment (transfusion parts, dialysis related parts, respiratory parts, etc.)
Integrally moldingTo enable metallic/resin material to be integrally molded
Surface reformingTo upgrade sliding property and to provide chemical resistance and hydrophilic【diX coating

Other molding process and assembly

We engage in compression molding and transfer molding of milable type silicone rubber, for small batches or trial orders.
Besides liquid silicone compression molding, we also process and assemble thermoplastic resin, elastomer and other synthetic rubber.

Primary usage

Molded article for medical equipment

  • Transfusion related parts
    (Valve, Sealing, septum, medical plug, etc.)
  • Dialysis related parts
  • Respiratory related parts
Silicone lenses

Optical characteristics can be controlled by loading silicone lenses to an LED that has a strong directivity. Silicone lenses also have excellent capabilities such as heat/ultraviolet resistance and they are ideal for high luminance/high powered LEDs. They can also be used for solder reflow method.

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