Semiconductor material

We deal with a wide range of material from general semiconductor materials to semiconductor devices as well as developing customized products to general-purpose products.

Customer market

General semiconductor material (semiconductor pre and post process materials, packaging materials, tools), semiconductor device


  • Accurate advice and planning to customers with consultation.
  • For our customers who have exporting issues, our highly experienced staff in our subsidiary companies in China and other ASEAN countries can support you.
  • Our local staff will work with you closely regarding deliveries, stock control and cash flow. We assure that you are given quality service.
KISCO’s VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) services

Product lineup

Compound wafer, Silicone wafer, target raw material, photosensitive solvent, protection membrane material, lead frame, wire harness, boards, solder, adhesive, sealing material, ACP conductive adhesive, dicing tape, back grind tape, wafer box, chip tray, gel chip tray, carrier tape, IC tray, vacuumed process tray, desiccative wire bonding, x-ray device, ultrasound apparatus, barcode reader, tape winding device, evacuating apparatus, electrostatic countermeasure device (ESD)

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