Corporate profile

Company Name KISCO LTD.
Head Office Location 3-3-7 Fushimimachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka, 541-8513
Year Established 1921
Revenue 47.3 billion yen (As of March 2023)
Capital Paid-in capital of 6 hundred million yen
Stock Information 12 million shares issued
Outstanding shares to be issued
  48 million shares
Board Members
President    Takekazu Kishimoto
Director Executive Managing Officer  Satohiro Ishikawa
Director Executive Managing Officer  Yuji Ogawa
Director  Yuko Kishimoto
Director Executive Officer  Koji Kawabata
Director Executive Officer  Teruyuki Fukuda
Standing Corporate Auditor  Takamochi Okudaira
Standing Corporate Auditor  Yasuo Yoshimoto
Corporate Auditor  Hiroshi Nemoto
Corporate Auditor  Masahide Watanabe
Executive Officer  Yoshiya Wada
Executive Officer  Kazuto Tanaka
Executive Officer  Masahiro Ise
Executive Officer  Yutaka Ohashi
Executive Officer  Takatoshi Konno
Executive Officer  Takashi Aoki
Executive Officer  Seigou Teramoto
Executive Officer  Akihiro Terai
Employees 288 (As of March 2023)
Primary Business
  1. Domestic sales and export/import of the following items:
    1. Pharmaceutical products, synthetic resin, pesticides, chemical fertilizers, other various chemical products and related raw material
    2. Semiconductor devices, ceramics, semiconductor sealing material, semiconductor material and other electronic material
    3. Chemical engineering machines, electronic industrial machines, other general machines/tools and medical equipment/tools
    4. Farm and marine products, animal products, processed food, frozen food, other food, alcoholic beverages, food additives, enzymes
    5. Medical products, related substances and quasi drugs
    6. Building material, furniture, housing equipment and prefabricated houses
  2. Manufacturing and processing of the following items:
    • Pharmaceutical products, polymeric additives, synthetic resin, semiconductor devices, semiconductor sealing material, semiconductor material, other electronic material, and enzyme preparations.
  3. All lines of business that are related with the above.
Bank Information MUFG Bank, Ltd. / Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation / Mizuho Bank, Ltd. / 114Bank