Functional Coating for Medical Devices

We propose the most optimal functional coating for medical devices, including the hydrophilic Coating manufactured by Biocoat.

Type Features
Hydrophilic Coating
Hyaluronic Acid It instantaneously exhibits slipperiness at the touch to saline/blood.
Properties with initial slipperiness to long-term Durability
Abrasion/Heat Resistant
PTFE・PEEK  Guide wire, Coating for various endoscope-related devices.
Coating with Insulation,
Chemical Resistance,
Slipperiness and Antirust
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It can also be used in vivo due to high chemical stability.
Coating by use of vacuum evaporation(deposition) process.

Biocoat Coating

Hyaluronic acid-based hydrophilic coating has excellent hydrophilicity and long-term durability. As a domestic distributor of Biocoat in Japan, we have been making proposals for a wide variety of applications.


Hyaluronic acid-based hydrophilic coating
Coating with excellent slipperiness and long-term durability, and ideal for improving operability. Furthermore, when it comes in contact with physiological saline, blood or body fluid, it instantaneously exhibits slipperiness and excellent initial slidability.
Biocompatible material
Biocompatibility has been confirmed, and is registered in the FDA master file.
Compatibility with various sterilization methods
We support EOG sterilization, electron beam sterilization, gamma sterilization and autoclave sterilization.

Proven Performance in the Market

  • Catheters
  • Guide wires
  • IOL related devices

Adhesive for Medical Devices

We will offer you the most optimal adhesive.


  • Conducted Biocompatibility Tests (ISO10993, USP Class6 compliant)
  • UV curable type, Thermosetting type
  • Epoxy, Urethane, Acrylic base

Proven Performance in the Market

  • Various medical devices
  • Catheters
  • Infusion devices, etc.

Molding Materials

We will propose high-performance materials that can be used in medical devices from silicone rubber to thermoplastic resins and elastomers.

Material Lineups

Silicone Rubber

  • Conducted Biocompatibility Tests (ISO10993, USP Class 6 compliant)
  • High Strength, High Tear, Resealability
  • Ideal for various packings, valves, stoppers, gaskets, etc.

Thermoplastic Elastomer

  • Styrene, Urethane, PVC (dephthalic acid)
  • Conducted Biocompatibility Tests (ISO10993, USP Class 6 compliant)
  • High Hardness, High Transparency, High Heat Resistance, Gas Barrier Grade
  • Ideal for two-color molding and overmolding

Medical Components

  • Urethane, Polyamide, Polyimide, Polyethylene
  • Coloring, X-Ray Opacity and other functionalities, etc.
  • Available from small lot size production

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