We provide various packaging products including our original KC film (co-extrusion CPP for packaging noodles) and original standing pouches. KISCO provides a wide range of support in the field of film packaging, ranging from the material and film composition/selection, packaging form considerations to graphic design suggestions, and packaging machine field service.

Customer market

Noodles, side dishes, cosmetics, pet food, bread, functional nutritional food, etc.


  • Suggestions relating to material, original film, product development, processing technology and design are possible.
  • We can correspond promptly using our strength in proposing ideas and wealth of information. (Field staff)
  • We have patented products. (Standing pouch: Refillable and for side dishes)
  • We have the know-how to develop functional packages with oxygen and vapor barriers.

Product lineup

Co-extrusion CPP for packaging noodles “KC Film”

KC film is the first PP/LL co-extrusion film developed in Japan.More details can be found here.

Original standing pouch

We offer various pouch products including self-sealing spout packs and refillable packs.More details can be found here.

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