Co-extrusion CPP for packaging noodles “KC Film”

KISCO’s KC series co-extrusion CPP film has been in the market for 30 years and has improved/evolved through the years with feedback from our customers. KC-210 was the first ever PP/LL co-extrusion film developed in Japan used to package noodles. The KC series is used primarily for the inside and outside packaging of noodles and it features sturdiness and transparency. In addition, as it has excellent self sealing functionality, it is also used to store mushrooms and non-food items (plastic molded items, small components).

Primary usage

Noodles, bread, side dishes, clothes, sundries, etc.



Product name Composition Thickness Features
KC-150 PP/PP/PP 25 Easiness to open
KC-210 PP/LL/PP 20・25・30・40 Superior cold resistance, soft texture
Transparent, glossy
Transparent, glossy
KC-220 PP/LL/PP 20・25・30・40 KC-Equipped with the functions of KC-210,
High rigidity, and heat and water resistance
KC-500 PP/PP/PP 25・30・40 High rigidity, and heat and water resistance
KC-535 PP/PP/PP 25・30・40 Low temperature seal,
tightly covered seal
envelope (wrap) seal, heat and water resistance
KC-555 PP/PP/PP 25・30・40 KC-Equipped with the functions of KC-535,
minimal slip type

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