Creative team

The Creative Team is engaged in swiftly catching up with the latest design and technology trends, and makes design and design proposals to improve the environmental friendliness and usability of packaging materials.

Main Roles and Functions

Product Design

  • Design
    We support product development through proposals for environmental friendliness and functionality of packaging.

  • Prototyping
    After designing and/or reviewing the design, we manufacture a model of the product using a 3D printer or vacuum forming machine, and provide the product in a state close to actual product.

  • Market Research, Survey and Analysis of the Competitive Products
  • Overseas Market Product Surveys
  • Patent Searches and Applications
Graphic Design

  • Design
    We share the issues with our clients and propose designs from the consumer's point of view.

  • Comprehensive Layout (Comp)
    It is printed on a transparent film with CMYK /W ink and delivered in a state close to final finish.

Facilities Overview

Modeling Equipment
  • FDM (Fused Deposition Molding) 3D Printer
  • Small Vacuum Molding Machine
Film Printer
  • Large-Format Inkjet Printer