Creative team

The Creative team uses 2D CAD, 3D CAD, and CG data to work on the planning and product design related to package materials. The team is adept at implementing speedy design changes and modeling.

Primary role and capability

Product research / Product concept review

Market analysis

  • Market research, research and analysis of competitor products
  • Patent search and application
  • Design concept decision
Design work / Product design
  • Design:With the goal to provide high quality products in a short amount of time, using a 3D development environment, comprehensive design work is performed from the shape design to the actual product design stage.

Design blueprint


  • Modeling service:Based on 3D data created during the design and brainstorming process, we can create and provide a sample model (close to the actual final product) using an additive fabrication or vacuum molding machine.

Graphic design

  • Our expert staff will provide you with ideas of a “design that sells.”We will print a design on transparent film, and thus offer a comprehensive layout closer to the actual final product.


Modeling devices
  • ABS additive fabrication system (Stratasys Dimension bst)
  • Desktop vacuum forming machine (Formech 300XQ)
Film printer
  • Transparent film printer (EPSON PX-W8000)
CAD/CG devices
  • 3D CAD (Solid Works Japan SOLIDWORKS)
  • CG (Apple Macintosh Mac Pro)