Corporate history

2013 ●TAIYO MATERIAL CO., LTD. became a subsidiary of KISCO through a business transfer.
●KISCO established a joint venture between KISCO SHINKO PLASTIC PRECISION SHANGHAI CO., LTD. and Shinko-Kasei Co.
2012 ●KISCO TRADING INDIA PVT. LTD. established.
●KISCO TRADING (SHANGHAI) CO., LTD. Suzhou office opened.
2011 ●KISCO GLOBAL SUPPORT LTD. established.
●UNIGLOBE KISCO, INC. Cincinnati office opened.
●KISCO made KATA SYSTEMS COMPANY its subsidiary by acquiring shares.
2008 ●KISCO attained ISO 9001 Quality Management System certification.
●KISCO TRADING (SHENZHEN) Co., LTD. established.
2007 ●KISCO TRADING (SHANGHAI) CO., LTD. Chengdu office opened.
●Company name changed to KISCO LTD.
2006 ●diX Coating-Tech Shenzhen Co., Ltd. established.
●Kishisang & Co., Ltd. Kunshan Representative office opened.
●KISCO Conformal Coating, LLC established in the U.S.A.
2005 ●99.9% capital stock of Seiki Corporation acquired to make it a subsidiary
2004 ●diX Coating-Tech Shanghai Co., Ltd. established.
2003 ●Kishimoto Sangyo (Hong Kong) Co.,Ltd. Shenzhen Representative office opened.
●74% stock of DiMer Beshichtungen G.m.b.H. acquired to make it a subsidiary.
●New headquarters for diX contract coating in Malaysia established.
●Kishimoto Sangyo (Korea) Co., Ltd established.
●Kishimoto Sangyo (Middle East FZE) established.
●New headquarters for diX contract coating in Hsinchu, Taiwan established.
●ISO14001 certification attained
2002 ●PT Kishimoto Sangyo Indonesia established.
2001 ●Kishimoto Sangyo (Asia) Pte, Ltd. newly launched with the merger of KISCO Investment (Singapore) Pte, Ltd. and Kishimoto Sangyo (Singapore) Pte, Ltd.
2000 ●UNIGLOBE KISCO, INC. San Diego office opened.
1999 ●PT Adcomat Batam established in Indonesia.
1997 ●Santa Clara Representative Office changed to Santa Clara Office of UNIGLOBE KISCO, INC.
●Kishimoto Industry & Trade (Dalian F.T.Z.) Co., Ltd. established in Dalian, China.
●Adcomat (Siam) Ltd. established in Thailand.
●PT Adcomat Batam established in Indonesia.
1996 ●Shanghai Representative Office established in China (closed in 1998).
●Kishimoto Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. established.
1990 ●Kishimoto Sangyo (Malaysia) Sdn., Bhd. established.
●Adcomat Japan Co., Ltd. established.
●Kishimoto Sangyo (Deutschland) G.m.b.H. established.
●Paid-in capital reached 600 million yen.
●Fine Polymers Taiwan, Ltd. established.
1989 ●KISCO Investment (Singapore) Pte., Ltd. established.
●Adcomat (Malaysia) Sdn., Bhd. established.
1988 ●Adcomat (Singapore) Pte., Ltd. established.
●Kishimoto Sangyo (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. established.
1987 ●Kishimoto Sangyo (Thailand) Ltd. established.
1985 ●Kagoshima Office established (currently a branch office).
1984 ●Head Office and Tokyo Branch Office re-designated as Osaka Head Office and Tokyo Head Office respectively.
●Santa Clara Representative Office established in the U.S.A.
1983 ●Kishimoto do Brasil Commercial Ltda. established.
1980 ●Kishimoto Sangyo (Singapore) Pte., Ltd. established.
1979 ●Paid-in capital reached 500 million yen.
1974 ●Kishisang & Co., Ltd. established in Taiwan.
●Paid-in capital reached 380 million yen.
1973 ●UNIGLOBE KISCO, INC. (U.K.I.) established in the U.S.A.
1971 ●Taipei Representative Office established.
1970 ●Sapporo Sales Office established (currently a branch office).
●Hong Kong Representative Office established.
1969 ●Sendai Sales Office established.
1968 Paid-in capital reached 300 million yen.
1964 ●Head Office relocated to Osaka.
●Kobe Sales Office established.
1960 ●Nagoya Sales Office established.
1957 ●Fukuoka Sales Office established.
1952 ●Osaka Sales Office upgraded to Branch Office.
1943 ●Company name changed to Kishimoto Sangyo Co., Ltd.
●Kurume Office established (closed in 1945).
1942 ●Seoul Office established (closed in 1945).
1940 ●Eigashima plant transferred to the former Daido Kasei (currently Daido Chemical Corporation).
1939 ●Osaka Sales Office established.
●Shinyo Office established (closed 1945).
1938 ●Tokyo Branch Office established.
●Hiroshima Office established (closed 1945).
1936 ●Shanghai Branch Office merged with SAKAI TRADING CO., LTD.
1934 ●Eigashima plant established.
1930 ●Reorganized as Kishihashi Shoten Co., Ltd.
1929 ●Shanghai Branch Office established
1921 ●Kishihashi Shoten, Ltd. began business as a chemical products wholesaler in Kobe.