Supply and development of natural products

KISCO provides materials of natural origin such as vegetable oil and protein through a global network. Our expertise assures customers a steady supply and reliable quality of raw materials.

Customer market

Raw material market and ingredient market of beverage, food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, and chemical


Supply of material of natural origin from overseas
  • We have years of experience in importing natural ingredients from South America and India.
  • We specialize in supplying by-products (by-products occur during the manufacturing step)
  • We provide a stable supply focusing on a steady partnership with suppliers overseas by our local representative
  • Resolving issues by specialist
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  • We have a track record of over tens of year as a supplier of ‘by-products’ (such as sesame oil, soya oil, linseed oil, etc.)
  • We supply defatted products made from plants which are high in protein
  • We are involved in development in other niche markets relating with natural ingredients


Product lineup

Sesame seed flour

  • High quality of defatted protein material of sesame seeds. High nutrient
  • Emulsification effect (acid condition in particular)

More details can be found here.

Sesame peptide KM-20

  • KISCO original material
  • Hypotensive effect

More details can be found here.

Other products in development

(Primarily imported merchandise. *Including concept products/developments. Please contact us).

Name of ingredient material Profile and feature of material Origin country
vegetable fats and oils
Camerina oil High in vitamin E and antioxidant. Long ‘Use-By’ date, and heatable
Fatty acid ratio;Omega3:Omega6 = 2 : 1
Hemp Oil Free from trans-fatty acids/cholesterol. High in vitamin E
Fatty acid ratio;Omega 6:Omega 3 = 3 : 1
Avocado oil Used for lowering cholesterol and cosmetics (skin moisturizing, anti-wrinkle) Mexico
Flux oil (linseed oil) Vegetable oil of highest Omega3 (linolenic acid over 50%) Canada
Moringa oil High in oleic acid and antioxidant India
Vegetable oil and fat related products Chia seed (seed) High in Omega3, fiber, and calcium Mexico
Hemp flour Hemp seed powder after oil extraction, rich in fiber and lowering cholesterol Canada
Passion flour Passion fruits seed powder after oil extraction, rich in fiber Brazil
Sesame seed flour Sesame protein material, emulsifying material derive emulsifying power under acidic condition Mexico
Soymilk powder Soymilk powder, there is a various grade Brazil
Functional food material Acai / Jussara palm extract High content of anthocyan, antioxidative Brazil
Agave nectar 100% vegetable organic sweetener from natural origin Sugar content: 1.4 times as sugar GI value: 1/3 of sugar Mexico
Sesame peptide Health food material made of sesame seeds of natural origin. Hypotensive effect. Japan
Phytosterol Vegetable sterol, lowering cholesterol Argentina
Lutin, zeaxanthin Effective for age related macular degeneration and cataract protection. Peru
Peanut Aqueous Antioxidant, lipase activity inhibitor (preventing obesity), anti-tooth decay China
Ingredient of functional food Herb ingredient Example: forskolin, chlorogenic acid, gingerol, curcumin, etc. India
Paprika pigment Accommodate various grades Peru,India
Marigold pigment Controlling water environment growth, stable quality Peru
Other Rice origin DDGS (Dried Distillers Grown in Soluble) High content of protein (over 45%), nutrient enrichment for fodder India

*Other. We suggest materials through our global network

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