Code of conduct

KISCO develops and provides materials and products to create a better future and contribute to society. We will work with you to solve your problems and create a future together, which is the idea of “collaboration.” Your satisfaction is our satisfaction. Therefore, we provide you with our optimum information, materials, products, technologies, and services, and always make suggestions with priority. To achieve this idea, we have prepared the following code of conduct.

  1. Customer satisfaction is the most important aspect of our business activities
    We make sure to always set a high value on loyalty. Your maximum satisfaction is our first priority. Therefore, we develop globally and provide you with information, commercial products, technologies, and services with full consideration on quality, cost, and the environment.
  2. We comply with social rules
    We make sure to always set a high value on social and moral aspects, comply with laws and regulations of each country, and act fairly.
  3. Each employee is respected as an individual and receives equal opportunity
    We respect each other, and always receive equal opportunity and fair treatment at our workplace.
  4. We are actively involved in environmental issues
    We believe that our mission is to develop new technology using our knowledge and ability in order to preserve the global environment which cannot be replaced with anything.