KISCO supports the electronics industry from the material aspect. In the electronics related market which develops in various processes, our motto is to provide materials to our customers in an accurate and rapid manner using our expertise in various fields as well as our mastery (‘know-how’) of material properties.

Customer market

Electronics related market

Main products and services

Front end semiconducting materials
Si wafer, target, polyimide varnish, dicing tape, back grind tape, wafer box
Semiconducting post process materials (assembly)
Fluorescent substance, quantum dot, lead frame, bonding wire, sealing material (liquid form/MC), die attach paste, under filling, flexible circuit board, metal base circuit board, adhesive for fixing parts, UV curable adhesive, anaerobic adhesive, various packing material (laminate: aluminum deposition, aluminum, nylon), injection tray, vacuumed tray, desiccant, carrier tape, reel, cover tape, magazine, etc.), heatproof PPS cabinet.
Adhesive, grease, forming lid, radiation coating material, heat dissipation coating material, fluorine coating material, radiation sheet, radiation grease
Solar cell, secondary battery
Polyimide film, electrode target, back sheet, EVA sheet, quantum dot, CIGS Nanoparticle, current collecting foil, active material, binder, separator, electrolytic solution, lithium foil
Display touch panel
Liquid crystal, oriented film, spacer, sealing compound, polarizing plate, diffusion board, low molecular EL material, COG/FOG mounting device, touch panel raw materials
Equipment and raw materials for packing material
Packing material (aluminum laminated bag, carrier tape, chip tray), die bonder, x-ray inspection apparatus, dispenser, electrostatic countermeasure device (ESD)

List of products by category/field

Electronic materials

We offer a wide range of electronic materials and provide advice to our customers regarding materials for energy saving devices. More details can be found here.More details can be found here.

Modified epoxy resin “EpiFine”

EpiFine” is a modified epoxy resin which is blended to perform at maximum electrical, mechanical, chemical and adhesiveness.More details can be found here.


In addition to display devices, we provide supplementary raw materials as well as other related apparatus and devices.More details can be found here.


We engage in the forming of silicone products for medical instruments, elastomers and other various parts in assembly processing.More details can be found here.

Semiconductor material

We provide general semiconductor materials to semiconductor devices, as well as customized development and general-purpose products through our global networks.More details can be found here.

Liquid chemical for semiconductor manufacturing process (cleaning liquid) “EcoPeeler”

Our “EcoPeeler” product is a new “environmentally-friendly” semiconductor cleaning liquid.More details can be found here.

Supercritical fluid technology

We carry out a research on technology adopting supercritical fluid technology.More details can be found here.

Recording medium

We provide a service of automatic CD-R and DVD-R writing, along with an original label printing system “MICAR”.