Hot runner system

Hot runner systems are equipment used for reducing waste material like plastic that occur during injection molding. KISCO supplies hot runner systems made by SEIKI Corporation which has a history of 40 years and is the market leader in hot runner systems in Japan. We have a worldwide network for assisting customers and a team of experts with experience. As such, we can provide maintenance and assistance through our KISCO network even to customers not located in Japan.

Customer market

Automotive, medical, food, home electronics, electronic equipments


  • Two systems by SEIKI Corporation, a valve gate system and spear system, correspond to all thermoplastic resins.
  • The original design enables to ensure uniform temperature distribution at the hot runner.
  • Cold runner system for injection molding of rubber and liquid silicone was considered impossible in the past. We have developed the “complete” cold runner system.

Product lineup

Valve gate system

This system protects the valve pin and mold gate without lowering the accuracy of its original oscillation stopping mechanism.

Spear system

This system is a thermal valve without a sliding part, which makes it extremely durable.


This high performance digital controller precisely controls a valve gate system and spear system.


This energy saving manifold contains only the required functional parts in order to cut down on the weight of the unit.

Hot half

This ultra-precise hot half system can be delivered and tested immediately on the same day when your cavity plate is completed.

Rubber & LSR runnerless system

The world’s first “complete” cold runner system for injection molding of rubber and liquid silicone. This was considered impossible in the past.

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