Manufacturing nanoparticles (supercritical crystallization)

Pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food, energy related, nanotech, etc.

未処理薬剤の顕微鏡写真Raw medicine

→Supercritical crystallization

ナノ粒子薬剤の顕微鏡写真Nanoparticle medicine

Non-flocculation drying of particle

Pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, energy related, leading edge electronic material, nanotech, etc.

Particulate dispersion solution


Filtration drying: Flocculation, solidification

Supercritical drying: Non-flocculation particle

Uniformed mixture and diffusion of particles

Leading edge electronic material, energy related, nanotech, etc.

Mixture of carbon particles and PTFE particles

Mixing /diffusion

Machine mixing:
As agglomerated primary particles

Supercritical mixing: Mixing uniformly

Non-damage drying of microstructure

Leading edge electronic material, energy related, nanotech, etc.

Micro resist pattern

IPA drying

Supercritical drying

Drying of microstructure

IPA drying

Supercritical drying

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