Sesame peptide clinical study results

Dosage correlation exerting hypotension -1

Inspecting appropriate dosage by comparing the blood pressure measurement for diastolic pressure and systolic pressure with repeated oral administration of the test sample ‘Sesame peptide capsules KM-20’ known to have hypotensive effect, at dosage of 0mg, 250mg, 500mg, 1000mg per 4 capsules per day for 12 weeks to a group of outpatients who are normotensive to mild hypertensive.
The study demonstrated that among the high dosage taking group (1000mg), systolic blood pressure was decreased at the actual measurement value after the 6th week of administering test samples (sesame peptide KM-20). Also, systolic blood pressure decreased sequentially in the order of the 1000mg taking group, 500mg taking group, 250mg taking group and control group, indicating dose-dependency. These test results were taken into consideration and it was determined that medium (500mg/day) to high (100mg/day) dosage is suitable and a hypotensive effect can be expected.
Testing facility:Kunwakai Aiwa clinic medical institution
Testing periodDecember 21, 2002 to July 1, 2003
Testing method:Double blind test, parallel method between 4 groups
The test period was divided into 1 week for pre-test observation, 12 weeks for the testing period, and 2 weeks for the post-test observation.
Number of candidates:60 (at the start of the test) 15 per group
58 (at pre-analytical stage)

Dosage correlation exerting hypotension -2 (systolic blood pressure)



Dosage correlation exerting hypotension - 3 (diastolic pressure)



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