Extrusion molded products

We produce and supply plastic duct systems for covering hard vinyl chloride wiring.

Customer market

Electric work, machinery, civil engineering work, air conditioning, system storage, housing and building materials

Product lineup

N duct


Parts number W × h(mm) Quantity included in a package Standard price (for 1 package)
C-43 40×30 10 1,360円
C-64 60×40 10 2,400円
C-2 100×70 7,000円
C-5 200×100 13,600円

Length of the product

We also supply duct accessory components such as side bends, inner bends, outer bends, joints, end caps, connectors, and flanges.
In addition, we can also produce and supply 45 degree bends, big bends, T-junctions, support bands, and L-type joint covers by request.

Resin board tray

Previously we used wooden material for the joints between storage systems and wall boards but we have succeeded in commercializing resin products to replace wooden products.


External corner material

Products that use resin board tray for construction.
This is support material that finely shapes a corner part (R).

Materials for LED lighting

We supply raw materials for covering LED lighting. These raw materials use polycarbonate as base material and have high light diffusion and light transparency.More details can be found here.

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