Processing service

KISCO engages in production and supply of chemical products tailored to the requirements of customers through the use of processing networks of domestic and overseas company including subsidiaries. In the highly competitive market, we have a strict management system in place (according to a confidential agreement between customers) to protect confidential information regarding the source of technical information, production method and reaction products.


We handle various type of orders
  • We have many partners besides our group companies which enable us to provide the best option to meet the requirements of customers.
  • We can handle projects that cannot be completed by a single company through collaboration with different companies.
  • If a synthetic scheme is not available, we can search through documents and patents to find a specific synthetic route.
Support extending to supplied material
  • We are able to reduce the total cost by supplying material though our unique channels using local subsidiary companies in China, India and Europe.

Reaction results

Alkali fusion oxidation / Garbett reaction / Wittig reaction / Grignard reaction / Friedel-Crafts reaction / nitoration / cyano / halogenation / Suzuki coupling reaction / polymerization reaction (acrylic, vinyl acetate, urethane, etc.)

Flow of service

  1. Inquire processing work
  2. Sign confidentiality agreement
  3. Select processing method
  4. Evaluate laboratory scale
  5. Evaluate product(s)
  6. Trial at mass-production plant
  7. Start mass production and delivery

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