Wire material and optical communication equipment for commercial products

KISCO supplies resin raw materials and secondary materials for manufacturing wires. We also supply optical fiber and optical transmission equipment for digital signage, security, and factories. We can suggest a wide variety of materials that meet your needs.

Customer market

Wire production maker, heavy and light electrical appliance manufacturers, digital signage, security related


  • KISCO group supplies various wire materials and products.
  • We have an extensive product lineup for optical communication related commercial products.

Product lineup

Wire materials

Wire insulating and coating applications

Various compounds (PVC, PE, EVA (eco)), PVC resin, additives (plasticizer, crosslinking agent, antistatic agent, antioxidant)

Wire subsidiary materials (shielding and intervening applications)
  • Various composite tapes like AL/PET and AL/PE
  • Intervening strings like PE and PP / PP split yarn
  • Nonwoven fabric

Optical communication equipment products

Optical transmitter

Various images, sounds, and control signals are multiplexed to achieve long distance transmission by a single optical fiber.

Optical fiber

We supply quartz fiber with a large diameter for SMF, MMF, POF, and FA. We also supply patch cords with various connectors. In addition, we handle custom-made orders, such as color specification and flame retardance.

Electromagnetic shield film
  • Superior shield property
  • Low resistance value
  • Rust resistant because it is aluminum foil

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