Sesame seed flour

Defatted peeled sesame seeds in powder foam which is high in protein and has emulsifying functions. It is used for various products as vegetable protein material.

Characteristics of sesame seed flour

酸性下の高い乳化力!Natural emulsifying material which shows its emulsifying function particular under acidic conditions.

Natural sesame seed material which is rich in mineral, and has a high content of protein. Sesame seed flour also contains more methionine compared tryptophan and soybeans.

If consumed together with soybeans, essential amino acids are complemented mutually.

Primary usage of sesame seeds

  • Suitable for baking cookies and breads using its smell and high nutrition
  • Suitable for seasoning soups and curries using its flavor and emulsifying function
  • Suitable for sesame dressing, taking advantage of the mild texture of the fine powder
  • Suitable for baked goods to prevent shape loss with a small amount added

Sesame seed flour product specification (component table)

ItemSpecification value
Protein≧ 47%
Fat12% or less
Dietary fiber15-18%

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