Fine chemicals

KISCO can design and suggest a wide variety of chemical compounds including electronic materials, medical and agricultural intermediates using its suppliers in China, India, Europe and the United States. In addition to being a trading company, we also function as a manufacturer, cooperating with associated companies and specialists in the chemical compound field. We carry out a comprehensive global business to provide customized products based on the needs of customers and undertake the compound process, joint development research and other related work under strict management control.

Customer market

Electronic material (liquid crystal, organic EL material), pharmaceutical, pesticide, perfume agent, various ingredients on cosmetic industry, sales of intermediate product and manufacturing, etc.


  • With the advantage of having subsidiary companies in over 13 different countries worldwide, we can offer various overseas suppliers.
  • Our local representatives abroad as well as our multinational employees in Japan can promptly respond to customers who may be having problems with exports.
  • We correspond with suppliers directly through our local representative in each country, which assures efficient business delivery, stock adjustment, cash flow as well as quality control management. We also can provide a speedy response with our suppliers through our multinational employees in Japan.
  • In addition, we conduct a wide range of manufacturing by taking orders, cooperating with chemical product specialists, related organization as well as associated companies.

Original/Imported merchandise

No. Name of chemical CAS No. Structural formula Usage
1 Diisoamylether
544-01-4 Organic synthesis solvent
Extract solvent
Lubricating oil
2 Di-n-hexylether
112-58-3 Organic synthesis solvent
Extract solvent
Lubricating oil
3 Di-n-hepthylether
629-64-1 Organic synthesis solvent
Extract solvent
Lubricating oil
4 Di-n-octhylether
629-82-3 Organic synthesis solvent
Extract solvent
Lubricating oil
5 p-Chlorophenol 101462-48-0 Organic synthesis solvent
Extract solvent
Lubricating oil
6 Di-n-nonylether
106-48-9 Intermediate colors
Cosmetics ingredients
7 Benzyl Chloride 100-44-7 Organic synthesis,Medical agricultural chemical intermediate
Flavoring agent,Gasoline polymer fabrication inhibitor
Synthetic tannin, photographic developing agent
Paper strong agent
8 4,4'-Diaminodiphenyl Ether 101-80-4 Polymide, polyamidomide
Polyamideimide raw material, other high molecular compound such as epoxy urethane, etc. ,Cross-linking agentOptical material
9 4,4'-Oxydiphthalic Anhydride
1823-59-2 Polymide,Solvent for coating
10 3-Methyl-1-butanol 123-51-3 Perfume raw material Extracting agent
Paint solvent、Solvent for printing ink
Fabric printing solvent
11 3-Chloroaniline 108-42-9 coating,Pigment
Raw material for agricultural chemical
12 tert-Butyl Alcohol 75-65-0 Chemical products, pharmaceutical, agricultural chemical raw material
Special solvent
13 Triethylamine 121-44-8 Pharmaceutical, dye intermediate
Rubber chemical, pesticide (weed killer)
Surface-active chemical agents, coating
14 Methyl Butyrate 623-42-7 Flavoring agent
15 Hexahydrophthalic anhydride 85-42-7 Alkyd resin modifier
Epoxy resin curing agent
Medical agricultural chemical raw agent
16 2,3-Dichloro-5-
69045-84-7 Synthetic intermediate
17 2-Chloro-5-
52334-81-3 Synthetic intermediate
18 2-Chloro-6-
39890-95-4 Synthetic intermediate
19 2-Chloro-3-
65753-47-1 Synthetic intermediate
20 2-Hydroxy-
22245-83-6 Synthetic intermediate
21 2-Amino-4-
106447-97-6 Synthetic intermediate
22 4-(Trifluoromethyl)
nicotinic aid
158063-66-2 Synthetic intermediate
23 3-Chloro-6-
258506-68-2 Synthetic intermediate
24 2,4-Dichloro-5-
3932-97-6 Synthetic intermediate
25 (Diethylamino)sulfur(IV)
38078-09-0 Fluorinating agent
26 N-Fluoro-N-
133745-75-2 Fluorinating agent
27 Bis(trifluromethanesulfonic acid) 358-23-6 Fluorinating agent
28 1-Pentyne 627-19-0 Synthetic intermediate
29 1-Hexyne 693-02-7 Synthetic intermediate
30 1-Heptyne 628-71-7 Synthetic intermediate
31 1-Octyne 629-05-0 Synthetic intermediate
32 3-Butyn-1-ol 927-74-2 Synthetic intermediate
33 4-Pentyn-1-ol 5390-04-5 Synthetic intermediate
34 5-Chloro-1-pentyne 14267-92-6 Synthetic intermediate
35 2-Pentyne 627-21-4 Synthetic intermediate
36 3-Heptyn-1-ol 14916-79-1 Synthetic intermediate
37 3-Octyn-1-ol 14916-80-4 Synthetic intermediate
38 1-Ethynyl-4-methylbenzene 766-97-2 Synthetic intermediate
39 1-Ethynyl-3-methylbenzene 766-82-5 Synthetic intermediate
40 1-Ethynyl-4-chlorobenzene 873-73-4 Synthetic intermediate
41 1-Ethynyl-4-fluorobenzene 766-98-3 Synthetic intermediate
42 1-Ethynyl-4-bromobenzene 766-96-1 Synthetic intermediate
43 1-Bromo-4-chlorobutane 6940-78-9 Synthetic intermediate
44 2,2-Difluoroethanol 359-13-7 Synthetic intermediate
45 2,2-Difluoro-1-propanol 33420-52-9 Synthetic intermediate
46 2-Fluoropropionic acid ethyl ester 349-43-9 Synthetic intermediate
47 2,2-Difluoropropionic acid ethyl ester 28781-85-3 Synthetic intermediate
48 2,2-Difluorohexanoic acid methyl ester 50889-47-9 Synthetic intermediate
49 2-Fluoro-3-oxobutyric acid ethyl ester 1522-41-4 Synthetic intermediate
50 Fluoromalonic acid dimethyl ester 344-14-9 Synthetic intermediate
51 Fluoromalonic acid diethyl ester 685-88-1 Synthetic intermediate
52 2,2,3,3-Tetrafluoro
755-73-7 Synthetic intermediate
53 2-Cyanoethyl N,N,
89992-70-1 Synthetic intermediate
54 2-Cyanoethyl N,N,N',
102691-361 Synthetic intermediate
55 Dibenzyl N,
108549-23-1 Synthetic intermediate
56 Dibenzyl phosphite 17176-77-1 Synthetic intermediate

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