Advanced compound (KCX-G series and KX series)

  • KCX-G series : The product lineup includes UL94-5VB as flame retardant compound grade with PC glass.
  • KX series :Extrusion grade of recycled PET bottles which are being used in the market as replacements for ABS and PVC.
  • KCX series:PC+PET UL94 V-0(1.5mm)
  • Compound with antibacterial agent:Compound of multipurpose resins and engineering plastic resins mixed with antibacterial agent.
  • Compound with light diffusing agent:Compound with light diffusing agent for PC and PMMA.

Customer market

Cabinet parts like OA equipments, automotive interior materials, equipments for public facilities, daily goods


KCX-G series

This series is PC-GF developed for applications in chassis and functional part. This series includes GF10%, 20%, and 30%. Flame retardant grade includes UL94V05VB in the product lineup. In addition, the structure of molded products enables the flow and rigidity to be adjusted.

This series is used for the reading chassis of a scanner as well as a printer (rigidity, moldability, dimensional accuracy).

This series has both flame retardance and strength, which leads to possibilities for various applications like OA.

KCX-G series property list
Property Test
Unit Test
Specic gravity D-792 1.27 1.34 1.42
Meltflow rate D-1238 g/10min. 280℃/2.1kg 10 9 8.5
Mold shrinkage D-955 % MD 0.3-0.5 0.2-0.4 0.1-0.3
Tensile strength MPa 23℃ 85 105 125
Notchedized impact strength D-256 J/m 23℃ 95 120 138
Flexual modulus D-790 MPa 23℃ 3520 5530 7630
Deflection temperature D-648 1.82Mpa 141 143 146
Linear thermal expansion D-696 x10E-5 MD方向 4 2.8 2.3
Flammability UL94 V-2&O V-2&O V-2&O
GF 10% 20% 30%

KX series

KISCO also develops environmentally sensitive products. We have succeeded in developing non-homogeneous extruded grade for applications with recycled PET bottles. This series is a replacement for wooden material and is used as a preventing measure against deterioration of pool floor material and outdoor benches.

Product lineup

  • GF10%~30%(B):UL94 5VB(1.5㎜)、UL94 V0(3㎜)
  • KCX-2101A:UL94 V-0(1.5㎜)
  • KX-651、KX-302、KX-604、KX-405

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