Synthetic resin

KISCO uses its knowledge and years of experiences with synthetic resin in order to provide an extensive product lineup including multipurpose resins, resin additives, synthetic rubbers, and plastic molded products mainly for the housing and automotive markets.More details can be found here.

Chemicals, food, and biotechnology

KISCO consistently undertakes the complete process including the supply of raw materials to chemicals manufacturers, supply of chemicals and semi-finished products that are produced by the chemical manufacturers to the secondary manufacturers, the compound process, as well as sales of the end products.More details can be found here.


Electronics products enrich our life. KISCO provides semiconductor materials and electronic components that are essential for manufacturing electronics products. In addition, we provide materials for peripheral devices, special components, liquid crystal display, plasma display, and high luminance LED displays.More details can be found here.

Packaging material

KISCO undertakes molding and designs of packaging materials which fully utilize the functions/features of manufacturers to meet a variety of needs. For example, we provide cups of dairy products and coffee jerry, margarine containers, PET bottles, takeout containers from the food service industries, and plastic bags for raw noodle. We also handle films, sheets, and plastic containers as packaging material.More details can be found here.

diX coatings

KISCO’s original parylene coating “diX” is an insulating, moisture-proofing, and chemical resistant coating that uses paraxylene resin. This resin, manufactured by the chemical vapor deposition (CVD), is transparent, safe for the human body, and highly reliable.More details can be found here.