Electronic materials

Our product range includes materials in the areas of electronics components, semiconductors, and other materials that are becoming widely available for energy saving products such as LED lightings and power module materials. We also develop materials like solar cells and lithium-ion secondary batteries for energy devices through our global networks.

Customer market

LED, power source, automotive interior materials, home electric appliance, lightings, solar cells, and lithium-ion re-chargeable batteries.


  • We respond to the needs of our customers in a timely manner.
  • We support JIT (just-in-time) operations and handle a wide range of electronic material globally.
  • We deal with a wide range of energy saving devices (LED) and power module materials.
  • We advise and provide our customers with a selection of leading edge materials in response to changing needs.

Main products

  • LED device materials
  • Lighting module
  • Power device/packaging material for ECU
  • High performance material development using venture technology
  • Lubricants, adhesives,
  • Semiconductor insulation film
  • Solar cell raw material
  • Raw material of lithium-ion secondary battery (for cell phones, laptops, vehicles)

Product lineup

From LED device materials to module materials


We provide a comprehensive package process starting with the selection of raw materials for LED lighting and mounting boards to etching along with processing according to customer needs.More details can be found here.

Energy device materials

We propose solutions focusing on the selection of raw materials for solar cells and lithium-ion batteries, and carry out its processing.More details can be found here.

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