EGCG derivative “CateProtect”®

CateProtectKISCO supplies a EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) derivative known as “CateProtect” which is made from a natural material. “CateProtect” has been developed through a collaborative research between Osaka University industrial science research center and Protectea Limited.


Unique component of EGCG known as “CateProtect” reforms EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) to a membrane fusion type with its unique derivative technique, and enhances its antiviral function significantly. Within 10 minutes, 99.9% of the influenza virus is made inactive. EGCG has the highest antiviral activities among natural catechin which is the main constituent of green tea. This result indicates that it is effective not only for seasonal viruses but for new viruses, avian influenza, and Tamiflu (brand-name flu medicine) resistant type viruses also. Furthermore, it is looked upon favorably as a solution to counter new/unknown pandemics that may arise in the future.

Image of “CateProtect” inactivating the influenza virus

(Provided by Osaka University industrial technology science research center)

1)Administering “CateProtect” against the influenza virus

2)“CateProtect” bonding with a virus membrane

3)“CateProtect” breaking a virus membrane

“CateProtect” has a higher virus compatibility than natural catechin, therefore it can block infections by modifying the membrane protein of a virus effectively.

Exhibiting excellent antibacterial effect on various bacteria starting with staphylococcus aureus

CateProtect” shows bactericidal properties against those that are known as drug resistant including staphylococcus aureus. It is also proven that it shows bacteriostatic activity against Klebsiella pneumonia, streptococcus pneumonia and E.coli (Escherichia Coli).

Contrary to natural catechin which is unable to block staphylococcus, “CateProtect”, containing high antiviral effect, can stop the proliferation of staphylococcus and reduce its number significantly.

Comparison with other antiviral, antibacterial material

“CateProtect” is a new disinfection component with excellent quality, antiviral/antibacterial effects, and is safe as it is made from natural substances.

Usage of “CateProtect”

“CateProtect” has unique antiviral and antibacterial properties which are beneficial to the human body. It is expected to be utilized in various products in the future. The “CateProtect” mark placed on products assures excellence of antiviral and antibacterial effects, and raise its credibility.

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